Greeting the Holiday Spirit into your shopping

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio

Holiday shopping is aroud the corner and people are either rushing or stressing to get their shopping done ASAP without any hassle. Barely anyone really remembers the whole season of giving theme and the hoilday spirits involvement in it. David Francis, a worker at a Walmart in Brampton Ontario since 1996, takes full advantage of this time of year to share the holiday spirit. For now he works as a greeter for the store and shows why the positions isn’t one that should be taken lightly. Whether its cracking jokes or singing, he makes sure that everyone walks in with a smile. With all the crazy news that always pops up, its nice to now that there’s still hope for people who take their time to share the hapiness that they have in them an share it. You can’t help but admire a guy that puts a smile on your face and people that go often love him!

Check out this CTV News video in the link below for you to believe in this holiday phenomenon, like they say seeing is believing and sharing is caring!


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