The Sublime Beauty of Loving

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It’s Ugly, but Sublime

What’s something that can mentally torment you yet be beautiful at the same time? Think about it… it’s not THAT hard.  Okay I’m gonna tell you anyway.  Relationships.  Mmm yes millions of people talk about it all the time but I’m going to let you in on my insight either way because I feel like you’ll learn more from different perspectives.  Now what makes a relationship so ugly yet so beautiful at the same time? Let me tell you from past experiences and witnessed acts.

I’m a girl so this may or may not be a biased opinion, I’ll let you decide 😉

1.)    They can be ugly because of misconceptions.


I know many friends who have seen other couples have a fantastic relationship either online, or in real life and so they develop very high expectations towards them and decide to get into one not realizing what it really consists of.  Once something goes wrong, they’re out because they’ve now been disappointed.  They not only hurt the other person but are now delusional about love.

2.)    They are beautiful because you learn A LOT.


After being in 3 serious relationships, there are things about me that I’ve learned thanks to wonderful experiences.  I didn’t know I would love motorcycles, cars, racing, certain types of music, poetry, or even different foods if it wasn’t for my ex-boyfriends so yes, they’re not completely useless.


3.)    They can be ugly because of taking advantage of someone can be easy for some.    


Being too nice is great, having someone there for you 24/7 is also great, but this can easily turn very dangerous.  Some take advantage of their partners because they know they will ALWAYS be there no matter what the problem is.  Through manipulation and the constant battle between being “on” and “off”, you are going to live a TOXIC life if you don’t get out of there.  Taking advantage of someone’s great character or true loyalty is not just mean, but disgusting as to how can you live with such an act and feel in power?


4.)    They can be beautiful because love is a need and it will always be there for you.


Lonely? Call up your boo thang, meet up with them, or do something fun that will help you feel comforted.  They are there for a reason and loving you is their priority.  They will listen to you, cheer you up, grow with you, and you will experience wonderful memories together.



Cosmopolitan Magazine listed 14 best things about being in a relationship and one of them was: “When you powered through the hard times together, they seem a little less hard with your partner by your side.” Let’s admit it, sometimes we wonder and tell ourselves that were better off either alone, or with our partner.  But if you can get through your challenges with a lover and discover the beauty of having a backbone and reciprocating that love back, you’ll be fine because that is genuine love that you’d be stupid to destroy.    














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