Your Tube: All about You…tube

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YouTube is one of the most popular websites, at number three in the list of most popular websites, with Facebook being number two and Google being number one. With an endless supply of videos, who knows what you’ll find on here!


Felix Kjellberg

Felix Kjellberg is the YouTube’s current king, at age 26, Swedish, and with a whopping 40 million subscribers. His channel is primarily made for gaming, but does include life videos, like fake make-up tutorials, challenge videos, as well as vlogging videos. He is networked with many other popular YouTubers like: Markiplier (10m), Cryaotic (2m), smosh (21m), etc.  he is loved by the YouTube community, picking up many haters and trolls during his rise to fame. he has appeared in other channels for skits, dual game play, as well as reaction videos.

Personally, I’m not really into Pewdiepie’s content, I did like it before, but I probably watched too much of his videos at once and got sick of it. With that being said, he does create really good and funny content ideally for those looking for a happy yet violent personality.



Freddie Wong is the creator of the hit web-series Video Game High School and is one of YouTube’s most popular producers. he’s made tons of short films, using lots of CGI. his videos are extremely well executed, and very topical. He started back in the origins of YouTube, around 2006-2008. Since then, he’s made such a rise to fame, having 7,000,000+ subscribers and started a company called RocketJump. He shares the top spot alongside producers like CorridorDigital and FinalCutKing. He’s collaborated with famous people like Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Favreau and even Key and Peele, as well as famous YouTubers such as: Markiplier, CaptainSparklez, and even Lindsey Stirling.

I’m very much into Freddiew’s content. his works are very inspiring to me. I’ve been following his works since 2009, and through him I’ve watched other producers like CorridorDigital, GakAttack, and FinalCutKing. He’s a very unprofessional professional in my opinion.


Swoozie, otherwise known as Adande Thorne is a storyteller, but unlike most storytellers, he tells his stories through drawings and animations currently sitting at 3 million+ subscribers. What stands out about his channel vs other YouTubers of the same style is his personality. He’s a genuine funny human being. When he tells his stories, you get a feeling like you can relate to him. He’s a real person with real problems, and that’s what  draws people in. He’s done works for other animation channels such as Domics and Hyun’s dojo. he has also worked at Disneyworld and talks a lot about his experiences within the place itself.

I like this style of storytelling, it gives a more real approach to how a message should be portrayed. Swoozie and Domics really set the bar on storyboard YouTube channels. The content is enjoyable in my opinion; very real, very funny and very innovative.


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