Your time is up, my time is now (Time is flying) “Figuratively Speaking”

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio

Time is flying by fast, a cliché heard by many. Time isn’t waiting for anyone. Well… that is somewhat true. If you were to think about it “literally”, time isn’t actually going any faster than it previously was. Time has gone at the same speed for all of humanity, but now that I’m older, I truly feel like time is flying and at the blink of an eye you can be beginning a whole new chapter of your life. That is “figuratively” speaking. But I always wondered, “Why now that I’m older I feel as if time is indeed flying away, even though time hasn’t ever changed?” To try to answer my own question, I feel like when you’re younger, your perception of time is sort of non-existent in a sense. You’re not worried about what you’re going to do the next day at such a young age. When you’re that young, all that ever crosses your mind is play, play and more play, but that is what your childhood should’ve been like. So that can probably explain why time wasn’t really felt when were young children. I don’t want to speak for everyone, but I feel like a majority of people’s perception of time wasn’t there when they were younger. Now that we are getting older and “play” isn’t afforded to us anymore, we sometimes can be bombarded with life’s responsibilities, and that’s where I believe time can slip away from us in a sense.

As we get older, life throws many curve-balls that weren’t there when we were younger. So when we start having responsibilities such as maintaining a job, schooling, bills and such we get lost in all that, that we don’t realized that the clock is ticking. I mean that is a good thing that we’re are keeping busy and building our future, but it sometimes feels like you build and build only for it to crash very soon! What I mean by that is, everything we do that is productive is building our future so we’re constantly doing that, but our time on earth is very limited. So I feel like you never really finish building what you initially started. We humans usually work all our lives to end up having to retire at at a certain age. (Here in Canada the retirement age is currently at 65 and will slowly rise up to 67 by the end of 2023.) Even after retiring, your life isn’t over. I feel like you certainly haven’t built up your whole life even after you’re quote on quote “retired” That is probably why time feels like it’s going much faster than when were young kids.

So maybe I just answered my question when I first started writing this blog. Anyways, if you ask me life is great. No matter the obstacles we have to face, no matter if we are always busy and never get much time to unwind, life is great! I say, enjoy the life you have been given to the fullest, because you truly do live once. Thank you Drake for shedding some light on the “YOLO” saying. It definitely is true! You only live once. Unless if you’re cat woman, then you probably have nine lives. But I have a feeling that none of you reading this are cats of any kind. Actually, I don’t know that! Are you? If you are, make sure to message me so I can write about that and maybe become rich and famous because of it.


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