The Price is right, not in Toronto at least.

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The Price ain't Right

David Price wavying good-bye to his ex-fans


After acquiring ace David Price before last years trade deadline, the Blues Jays are on the downside of this trade sending away three potential pitching prospects in Mat Boyd, Jairo Labourt and Daniel Norris to the Detroit Tigers. Since they were traded, theses players have significantly improved more specifically free living 24 year-old Daniel Norris who’s now apart of the Tigers pitching rotation. What came down to being the ultimate benefactor for where the 2012 Cy Young Award winner would sign was ironically the price of his contract. The race came down to the St.Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox. At the end this game and state of limbo to where Price would land,

“The Cardinals were also in the hunt for Price, and offered him the richest contract in franchise history, a seven-year deal worth at least $30 million less than the Red Sox’s offer”.

Spending what was left of his contract with the Jays, he signed to the Boston Red Sox yesterday for an insane 217 million dollars for a 7 year contract making this the most expensive contract for a pitcher in Major League history since Zach Greinke signing to the Los Angeles Dodgers  back in 2012. Now the Jays are left with no young prospects and no Price.

The Blue Jays wanted to make the best of what was left on his contract to win the World Series and were hoping to re-signing him after the end of his contract. Disappointingly, the lefty ace took the money over the glory of bringing the first World Series Trophy to Toronto since 1993.  Lets see what this upcoming season has in store for our Jays after this bummy, short, sticky situation-ship of what could have been a huge push to bringing home a trophy.

This crazy amount being spent on for Price by the Red Sox is a desperate measure to bring home a trophy for legendary Red Sock, Big Papi, David Ortiz. This signing makes yet another sort of rivalry to add to the Blue Jays list with the Red Sox. Young Blue Jay ace, Marcus Stroman, posted a long Instagram post about his respect and how happy he is that he got to learn from Price. In the post, Stroman says he’s:

‘Looking forward to beating [him] every chance [he] gets for many years to come!’.

Adding to the rivalry, the season opener for the Jays is against the Red Sox at Olympic Stadium in Montreal, where Stroman is going head to head with Price. In a hypothetical scenario, where all the players listed below were available during this off season and would actually accept one-year contracts, this is a full 25 man roster that could have been spent towards a World Series competing team and still be slightly cheaper then what the Boston Red Sox spent towards David Price over 7 years.

Hypothetical salary analysis vs Price over 7 years

Starting Pitchers:

RHP Felix Hernandez – Seattle Mariners ($24,857,143)

RHP Yu Darvish – Texas Rangers ($10,000,000)

Relief Pitchers: 

RHP Pat Neshek – Houston Astros ($5,5000,000)

RHP Darren O’Day – Baltimore Orioles ($4,250,000)

RHP David Robertson – Chicago White Sox ($10,000,000)

LHP Aroldis Chapman – Cincinnati Reds ($8,050,000)


Buster Posey – San Francisco Giants ($17,277,777)

First Base:

Miguel Cabrera – Detroit Tigers ($22,000,000)

Second Base:

Ian Kinsler – Detroit Tigers ($16,000,000)

Third Base:

Alex Rodriguez – New York Yankees ($22,000,000)


Troy Tulowitzki – Toronto Blue Jays ($20,000,000)

Left Field:

Alex Gordon – Kansas City Royals ($14,000,000)

Centre Field:

Adam Jones – Baltimore Orioles ($13,333,333)

Right Field:

Ryan Braun – Milwaukee Brewers ($13,000,000)

Designated Hitter:

David Ortiz – Boston Red Sox ($16,000,000)

Budget Total: $216,268,253


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