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The Walking Dead wrapped up its midseason finale this past Sunday and so far, I have to say it’s one of the better seasons. One of the biggest things people have against the show is that it progresses way too slow. I’m a fan of the show but even I would have to agree. I’ve sat through episodes where I’ve been begging for something to happen, but nothing does. It can be a bit frustrating at times knowing that you sat through an hour of uneventful programming just to wait another 7 days with the hopes of the next episode being more exciting. That being said, The Walking Dead is still one of my favourite shows and I look forward to watching it every week.

I thought the midseason finale was pretty good. There was tons of action, drama and suspense. The cliffhanger was solid and will definitely make fans of the show anxiously await the next episode in February, ironically on Valentine’s Day.

The main characters saw their safe haven destroyed and walkers have now taken over their town. There were some deaths like always but I was actually happy about it this time. The old lady that was running Alexandria (Deanna) died but she went out on her own terms. This leaves the entire town looking for a new leader but Rick has already taken charge. I’m actually glad that Rick will now be the clear cut leader of these people. People will have no choice but to follow his lead. He knows what he’s doing and he’s the man. He’s just straight up the man.

Just like every other finale/midseason finale, the group is dispersed but not far from each other. There are still a bunch of people working their way back to Alexandria where everyone else is hiding from the walkers. Rick and a handful of the group are all tucked away in a house. The house gets overrun by walkers and they have to think fast. They know they can’t stay in the house for long so they go back to season one tactics and decide to cloak themselves by using walker guts. By doing this, they can cover their scent and walk freely amongst the walkers. Their goal is to make it to the armory and arm themselves with enough firepower to fight their way out and also save everyone else who’s currently trapped. The last scene of the episode was Rick leading the others out into the mob of walkers. Great cliffhanger.

The Walking Dead has endless story potential. They literally could do anything with the plot after this episode. Once again, the group is left homeless after their safe haven has been destroyed. From the looks of it, Alexandria can no longer be viewed as safe. The walls have been damaged and there are swarms of walkers everywhere. If they were able to lure the walkers away, they would still have the huge task of repairing the walls. Personally, I hope they go on the run again. It’s always more exciting and you never know what will happen. This season could have been boring with everyone just sitting tight in the town of Alexandria, but the writers did a good job of introducing a bunch of new issues to deal with. I’m excited to see what will happen next. Even though I’ll have to wait more than two months…

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