Sieze & Siege!

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Sieze & Siege!

Rainbow Six Siege came out Tuesday, and the game is truly a gem. The Tom Clancy games have always been relatively well-received, and Rainbow Six capitalizes on the franchise. I had the pleasure of playing both the open and closed beta, and would like to think I am somewhat of an expert on the topic.
For starters, the beta only accessed the two multiplayer settings. Terrorist Hunt, as well as the basic Multiplayer game modes.


Terrorist Hunt:

Terrorist Hunt comprised the tried and true formula of waves of enemies being defenders, with any degree difficulty. Spawn locations vary depending on the map chosen, and the load-out selection is a bit more complex. For starters, there are several classes to choose from, each bringing a unique quality to the table. The standard class is just referred to as “Rookie” and was the only playable class at the time. The Rookie boasts a decent selection of items, and you can choose which counter-terrorist group you belong to to curb what you use. The class is a basic “Jack-of-all-Trades” and carries standard issue weaponry. Upon spawning in, you’ll be met with your orders, and that’s about it. You’re going in blind from there.

The map itself is huge, but is broken down into four sections you can choose from. Alternately, you can hit random and go from there.

Playing on realistic mode is no joke. The highest kill count I received was a measly six, and I didn’t even diffuse any bombs. The new caveat was the bomb diffusing, rather than simply hunting down and exterminating a select number of terrorists, you’re given ten minutes to diffuse 2-3 bombs. Not an easy feat when the terrorists have also set up traps, explosives, and are camping out near said bomb. This game mode proved extremely, soul-crushingly difficult, but so satisfactory in terms of even getting a single kill.

Moving on to Multiplayer.


The modes available for competitive multiplayer were pretty much on par for what Terrorist Hunt was, but instead, the Terrorists were other players. Thus began an epic battle of attack and defend. It was glorious. The game modes incorporate a strong degree of teamwork, strategy, and skill, which is leagues ahead of Call of Duty or Battlefield. The combat is hectic, and provides a glorious adrenaline rush. Shots taken are realistic as well, rather than have a healing system, they have a medic class, and if you find yourself without one, you’ll be quick to learn how much a single bullet can do.

The multiplayer requires a quick wit, and a degree of strategy. This is not something you want to play alone. Grab a group of friends and settle in for a long, extensive night of laughs and swearing, the game is easy to learn and hard to master. Ultimately, play to your standard FPS strengths, and communicate. The importance is to consistently mark your targets, to prevent them from getting away. Follow through with different classes, work as a team, and beating any terrorist group proves to be somewhat simple.

As for the terrorists… That’s harder. maximize your defenses, let nothing go to waste, and use all the supplies you have to defend your bomb. Focus more on defending rather than getting kills, as its easier to let the time run out than to actually sprint after the counter-terrorists. Pick a nice spot with a clear vantage point, and hold it, there is no shame in camping on this one. Move when you have to move, and inform your team when you’re breached.

And if you’re playing on Xbox, remember to download your free copies of Rainbow Six 1 & 2. They’re even more hours of free fun.

HQ, out.

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