SeaWorld To End Killer Whale Show

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio

This November, Sea World San Diego caved and folded its Killer Whale shows, after pressure for animal rights activist. This is a big push in the right direction for Sea World’s new initiative to end all controversial shows and displays.

Orca whale shows are set to be replaced by the end of 2016, with a more environmental Orca display. Joel Manby, SeaWorld’s chief executive, said he had listened to its guests’ criticism of whale circus and it would end the “theatrical killer whale experience” in San Diego by the end of 2016.

Personally I think this is the best thing that could have happened in this area. While I’ve never been much of an activist, I have a soft spot for whales and dolphins and other aquatic beasts of that sort. I have seen too much evidence that animals like these can’t sustain a happy life while in captivity. The fact that the community of people who are against it are starting to win these kind of battles is super inspiring. While these sea creatures are very beautiful, it’s not for humans to keep them captive.

Manby continued on by saying that sea world is going to refocus on the conservation of animals rather than using them for entertainment. This attitude could totally change the animal en-capture scene worldwide. If zoos were to adopt this attitude, we could see more animals in captivity that is suited to keep them healthy and happy. An animal’s physical health is extremely dependent on its mental health, and tight captivity is not the way to keep animals existing well.

Needless to say, it’s about time this trend makes it mainstream and changes the face of this industry.

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