More Marvel Mayhem!

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More Marvel Mayhem!

If you haven’t seen the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War you absolutely need to check it out. If you’re interested, the link is below. This movie is set to release on June 5th, 2016.

As with many of the other Marvel movies, this one sees the return of many familiar faces. Robert Downey Jr. returns as Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, this movie promises to deliver as the rest of the movies that follow The Avengers have.

Marvel isn’t the first comic book franchise to announce a movie that will involve some of their biggest super heroes duking it out. Last year, DC announced that they would be making a movie that would involve Superman and Batman having a fight over half a cream cheese bagel or something, but you aren’t reading this post because of that, so I won’t get too in to it. This is probably going to be another huge movie for everyone around the world, and I am super excited to see this one when it comes out as well.

Okay, that’s enough about DC, let’s talk about Marvel some more.

In previous movies there have always been set villains who the audience knows will lose in the end. We have seen this in every movie that led up to The Avengers, as well as almost every movie ever made. This has just been the normal thing to see for movie goers. There is a good guy, and there is a bad guy, and if the good guy doesn’t “win” in this movie, then somewhere through the eight sequels, the audience knows that they will. I think the only exception to this “rule” of movies would be some horror movies, as well as, for lack of a better word, tragedies.

The main reason I’m excited for this movie is because the movie is a Civil War between superheroes. That means that you can go to the movie with a group of friends, and even if your favourite hero is perceived as a “villain” it won’t matter, but the endless discussion afterwards of who will win will make you love monopoly night. I think this will be the first time that a large portion of the audience will be rooting for the villain, and I think that will be an incredible environment to be in at a theatre.  I can honestly say that I am super excited for this, and I really don’t want to be forced to wait another whole year before I get to see this movie.

Don’t get me wrong, there is always the possibility that the movie will be bad, but I don’t see that happening as every other one of the newer Marvel movies have been absolutely fantastic in my personal opinion.

Anyway, the trailer looks absolutely fantastic, and at this point in time I have no idea who will end up winning the Civil War between the super heroes. From the trailer, however, it is implied that Captain America and the people who are on his side of the conflict will be perceived as the villains, but because he is a  hero it really is hard to say.

In any event, I am absolutely looking forward to seeing this movie, and I can hardly wait until next year.


“War has changed.” Wait. that’s a Metal Gear solid reference. I mean, it fits but I need a better one. I guess you could say Captain America is taking the Iron Man shift. Nailed it!

THE OFFICIAL TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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