Fox News Fails :)

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We all know about how fox news is the best source of media screw ups around. Personally, I spend hours watching FOX news be corrected and re corrected by their guests and specialists, constantly being exposed for making up facts and getting the wrong information.

This is a countdown of the top 10 times FOX news has been “owned” by their guests.

There are so many errors that anyone in the media can tell you are at the top of the “do not do on air” list so,why not make it¬† a drinking game! We’ll call it:



Take a swig of beer every time:

– Bill O’ Reilly yells at someone.

– Megyn Kelly says something dumb or rude.

– Megyn Kelly twists someone’s words.

– A reporter loses their credibility.

– A guest has to correct a reporter.

A shot of vodka every time:

– You think FOX crosses the line or offends you.

– A guest makes a reporter speechless.

– A reporter completely ignores what a guest is saying.

– Fox makes an apology.

– A guest laughs at the reporter.

– A guest calls out FOX for something.

– A guest makes a face that looks like this:





Number 10

Take a look at a guest making a point using FOX as an outlet.


Number 9

If you’re not entirely¬† familiar with FOX news and their news castors, lemme introduce you to our first “reporter” Megyn Kelly.

Megyn Kelly loses her cool after one story then just keeps laughing, it’s kinda funny but wheres the professionalism?


Number 8

And if you’re not familiar with how wrong FOX news can be, here’s an example of them apologizing for a story they covered, that was pretty much made up.

Here’s the news cast they’re talking about.

The “consultant” in the video is one of their own “researchers”.


Number 7

In this one Megyn Kelly is interviewing a guy who is trying to ban circumcision in his state, and is rude about it as per usual.


Number 6

Here’s an example of when FOX tried to ask Ron Paul a stupid question, maybe they were trying to bait an answer out of him..?

His reaction is golden.


Number 5

Bill O’Reilly is interviewing an atheist (PUAHA), now I will give Bill a little bit of the benefit of the doubt he may actually have a valid point against this atheist, it’s a good thing he completely blows it out of the water and goes on to yell at him and question how the tides work.



Number 4

Another favourite of FOX news’ news castors the forever hateful and really old Bill O’Reilly.

Here he is calling a guest a drug dealer!

Isn’t great how clearly offended Bill is at the end? Classic Bill.


Number 3

And now, Megyn Kelly being racist AND obnoxioux! Take an extra shot just for that


Number 2

Oh how I love Resa Aslan, as used to strongly defended Islam as he is, he had to do it with extra strength on FOX news.


Number 1

Coming from the man himself, Bill O’Reilly goes ahead and exhibits just how reliable FOX news’ facts are…. again.


There’s my list of FOX news fails.

FOX news always a source of entertainment.

Gimme some of your favoutite FOX fails in the comments.






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