How To Spend the Last $10 to Your Name

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$10 To Spend

Times are very hard, especially being enrolled at a post-secondary institution. The struggle is real and sometimes the amount of money you spend can be limited due to finances.  I have some things you may want to consider spending your money on if you only have $10 to your name. All of these necessities will carry you through your time of financial need.


  • School can be very stressful and entertainment is exactly what you need when keeping your grades up is your main priority. On a Tuesday, get yourself a Toonie Tuesday Special at KFC and a cheap $7.50 movie at Cineplex. The maximum you’ll be spending is $10 which is perfect. A meal and a great movie of your choosing why not?
  • BAKE SOME COOKIES! In your time of depression baked goods are always fun and delicious. However since you only have 10 dollars to spend  don’t hurt yourself buying every ingredient necessary to bake cookies. Just buy a pack of Pillsbury cookie dough from any grocery store except Metro and Shoppers Drug Mart (those stores are your worst enemies  and with a $10 budget your debit card will get declined.)
  • You may be broke but that doesn’t mean you can’t listen to some dope music in your spare time. Purchase Joey Vongza’s mixtape titled “Cartoons, Weed & Love” for under $10 and bless your ears with the soothing sounds of Joey V himself.
  • Go to Dollarama and buy 9 of your favourite items. If you buy 9 things that cost a dollar each, pray the tax does not go over that prestigious ten dollar bill of yours.
  • For some crazy reason you decided to walk into the club with a hoodie and sweatpants because you’re too cool to look sophisticated. Your friends are nice and offered to pay your cover, then you have a bad encounter with a bouncer from the club. Bribe him with the 10 dollars and he will HAVE to let you in especially in that cold. I’m sure one of your friends will pay for your Uber to get home.
  • This one is definitely my favourite and should be yours too. The Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet is always a great option. You get an unlimited amount of pizza, pasta, salad and breadsticks every Monday-Friday between 11:30am-1:30pm. It’s only 8.99 for the buffet but the tax may be a bit over $10. I’m sure you can scrape up three nickels from your house.
  • Since most of you reading this are Seneca students, put the $10 on your Seneca card. Hopefully you have a TTC metro pass already so transportation won’t be a problem. You can do so much at school with your onecard such as printing homework, getting access to campus stores and EATING!


These are some different tips on how to use your last $10 in your pocket. Yes times are hard but that does not mean you should be bored, hungry and anti-social because the broke life chose you. Pick whichever tip works for you and I wish you all the best in your time of financial need.


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