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I have played many video games over the years, and have seen the evolution of gaming change and evolve into what it is today. Many franchises could not withstand the tests of time. Seldom make it to a 3rd or 4th addition. Never before has a first-person shooter game been this successful. Of course I am talking about Call of Duty which has been making games since the 1990’s. Different eras of war have been explored but Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is going where its predecessors haven’t gone before. They have perfected the game in my eyes. Let’s start with the Campaign:

Campaign Mode

In the previous call of duty games the campaigns have always been something special, but nothing compares to what they have done with it now. The game is filled with all the advanced technology of war, with a futuristic twist on everything. Bigger weapons, bigger story lines, larger-than-life characters. It gives you the ability to use armed mini choppers, you can use and control air strike drones, invisible helicopters, and become cyborgs to destroy enemies. The visual of the game is as if you are standing there in person. The graphics have advanced so much you can’t tell the difference between looking at a friend and looking at the screen. The most impressive feature, by far, is the ability to play four-player co-operative missions in the campaign. Never before has Call of Duty expanded something this much, and TreyArch is always leading the way in new and marvelous additions to the franchise, unlike it’s developing counterparts, Sledgehammer, and Infinity Ward.


The multiplayer is tried and true is has always stayed generally the same format but TreyArch has added different elements to the new multiplayer, as well as game modes, that affect the gameplay more than one would think. The new exoskeleton and booster back that every player is given, not only allows you to boost yourself high in air to view and kill enemies, but gives you the capability to run on walls. This has completely revolutionized game play. The skill level has increased tenfold. Not only do you have to be good on your feet, but you have to be aware of enemies coming from overhead, or around corners on walls. One of the biggest changes to the game, is having the capability to swim in multiplayer matches, adding not only a new element of combat, but changing the idea of a basic map location into a proverbial jungle of bullets and explosions.


Overall, Black Ops 3 and TreyArch have gone above and beyond the… Call of Duty. (Heh) in terms of making this game something to enjoy, seeing as Advanced Warfare and Ghosts were let downs in comparison. The only thing left to talk about would be zombies, but the list of changes is so extensive, it will be its own topic in the next Blog entry, until then, keep 360 no-scoping, and remember: no corner camping. Y0u can add me on the PS4 network MventyOG

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