My Favourite Podcasts!

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If you’ve ever talked to me for more then a few minutes, then there’s a likelihood I’ve mentioned my love for Podcasting (both creating and listening). For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “Podcast”, it’s a essentially an internet radio show but minus the repetitiveness of radio. Podcasts range from things such as talk shows all the way to real life murder mystery dramas (although those are few and far between). Podcasting is something i’m truly passionate about and I’m going to be listing and discussing three of my favourites in hopes that you may like them.

I’m going to start things off with a Podcast, I personally know, everyone will love. This Podcast is called Serial and it is most successful Podcast in history. How successful you may ask, lets try 3.4 Million downloads per episode! This is a show that follows a real life murder mystery involving high school kids. This Podcast had me on the edge of my seat every week and it’s one of the most well put together shows of all time! I won’t go into details, as I don’t want to ruin the Podcast for you, so check it out below!

My second Podcast recommendation is one that appeases the tech side of me. This is a Podcast called The Tech Guy and, as you may have guessed, it’s a Podcast about technology. What makes it different then most tech Podcasts is that it’s actually a radio show. People call into, the station, to have there tech questions asked and answered by Leo Laport, The Tech Guy. I highly recommend you check it out, weather you’re into technology or not.

Another Podcast is one that i’ve been a fan of for years. It’s a show called This American Life and dispite the title, it’s a show that focuses of everyone in the world. It’s a show that focus on different aspects of life. Every week there is a different theme for the episode, such as Love, Regrets, oddness, and then they tell storys related to it. It’s a very interesting show and I recommend everyone check it out.


The last show I recommend is actually a bunch of shows, in one. These are all Podcasts from one company known as Gimlet Media. This a company that specify in making high quality, highly produced narrative podcasts. They are on the same level of story telling as both Serial and This American Life.”This company is truly amazing” said Dave Daniels from Techcrunch. I would post a link to one specific Podcast they have but instead I’ll just direct you to their site

These are my picks for my Favorite Podcasts currently. I wish I could list all the podcasts I currently listen to but sadly I don’t have enough space to write about all of them. I will however say, if you’d personally like a full list of all the shows I listen to, be sure to reach out to me and I’ll make sure i’ll get back to you. Happy listening!

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