A Cappella Storm!!

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There are other types of genres in music other than pop, rock or whatever the heck dubstep has become now a days. This fabulous genre happens to be something that I’m obsessed with right now. It’s A cappella. Yes, I said A cappella. Here is a thorough definition of what A cappella is for you:

What is A-cappella?

  • A cappella itself in Italian it means “In the manner of the cape”
  • A cappella music is specifically group or solo singing without instrumental accompaniment, or a piece intended to be performed in this way. It contrasts with cantata, which is accompanied singing.

A cappella music has been getting more recognition lately. Especially because of a Television competition that specializes in a cappella music only. This show is called “The Sing Off” and if there was a singing competition that I could continuously re-watch seasons of, THIS WOULD BE IT! This competition has many different a cappella groups mostly made up of 4 or more people. Often they will have one or two beat boxers, some altos, sopranos, tenors and maybe a couple basses. Everything about this competition screams a cappella. Even the theme song is sung a cappella. The show started in 2009 but when I started watching it, the show was already on the 4th season. So me being me, I started from the first one.

Season 3 was when I got extremely fascinated with it. There was a group called Pentatonix who actually won on that season. They are a group of 5, which is what “Pent” in their name Pentatonix means. The members consist of:

They were so good I re watched their season twice, downloaded all their performances off of iTunes and subscribed to their YouTube channel PTXofficial (Twitter: @PTXofficial). They make a lot of covers that involve some guest artist or mash ups with other songs. Today I would say they are the leader of the a cappella pack. They have 7 albums, been on a world tour and won a Grammy for Best Arrangement, Instrumental and A Cappella for their “Daft Punk” medley all in a time span of 4 years.

Side note: I went to their concert last year in March and got to be the Chair Girl (when they bring up a girl from the audience and serenade you) then they followed me on twitter to!

Side, side note: I won tickets to go to an Up Close and personal concert on Monday, November 30th 2015 where they remembered that I was the chair girl!

Two of the members, Scott and Mitch, also have their own YouTube channel called Superfruit (Twitter: @SUP3RFRUIT). Sometimes they do their own covers as well. One time they did a medley of Beyoncé’s self-titled album (They are HUGE fans of Beyoncé) and Beyoncé actually saw it and loved it.

“It was so great, I really loved what they did with it. They made it their own!” – Sherlet Trimmingham

If you would like to see more of their wonderful work, check out their albums on iTunes and subscribe to their YouTube channels.

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