Are they the new Kardashian’s? The Westbrooks

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Move over Kardashains’ and meet the Westbrook’s! For many people, social media sites and apps are just that… social media apps. But for the Westbrooks, social media has become a way of living by making a living.  Just like the Kardashains’, the Westbrooks’ are 5 sisters living in the LA area. But unlike the Kardashian’s whom already have their fortune, The Westbrooks’ is based off of the coming up of sisters India, Bree, Crystal, Morgan, and Brooke. The star of the show or in 21st century terms the Kim Kardashian of the bunch would be  India Love. India, 19 made a name for herself on social media site Tumblr as a young teen by constantly and shamelessly self promoting herself for, you guessed it being pretty.

Fast forward a couple years later and miss India Love has her own show on the BET network with her sisters and over 1 million followers on Instagram. The Westbrooks follows India and her sisters as they follow their fame hungry dreams with the platform of social media. Leading the fame driven family or the Kris Jenner, would be India’s dad. The owner of a landscaping and a pit bull terrier company, he is portrayed to be a ruthless and money driven business man. Encouraging his daughters to use their sex appeal to attract more followers on their social media and turning it into a business opportunity, he seems more like a manger than father.

All sisters different in their own way, eldest of the bunch Brooke is the mother of the group and the owner of her own boutique online company. Juggling motherhood with her three beautiful kids and keeping up with her sisters, Brooke adds a human touch to the show. She seems to be the one that has the best grasp of reality out of her sisters, not to say that the others are delusional. Next in line would be Morgan, the rebel and tomboy of the family. If she isn’t riding her motor bikes with her crew or spending time with her sister, Morgan is managing and running her own tanning salon. Her sisters compare her to their cut throat straight to point father who likes to boss around her sisters. None the less, she happens to be the funniest of her sisters in the same respect. Bree is the next sister and the middle child of the five girls. At a young age, Bree gave birth to her beautiful son Ty whom occupies her time and heart. On the show, we see Bree’s aspirations to become a plus size model and marry her boyfriend of a year Devon. The hippie of the sister, Crystal is the down to earth sister who seems to shy away from the spot light. Driven by academics, Crystal is the only one of the sisters who attends school at the University of Texas for environmental studies. Last but defiantly not least, we have miss India Love. The baby of the sisters, India is the reason for the family’s success and show. The diva of the group, India is a typical baby child with her overly entitled attitude, arrogance and shallow outlooks. She is constantly reminding viewers how beautiful she is as if it were her worth.

Overall, the show lacks excitement, compassion, but most importantly a story line. It seems to only be about a girl that took a couple risque pictures, made it big on the internet and is trying to take her social media popularity into the real world. If you do decide to check out The Westbrooks, make sure there is something else on TV that you really want to watch or you will get bored.




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