7 Steps To Follow If You travel To Manhattan

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7 Steps To Follow If You travel To Manhattan

Study breaks seem as a  perfect timing for travelling. And this time it was Manhattan, maybe it is now your turn to go there?

7 Steps to follow if you plan a trip to Manhattan.

#1   Take a flight. Taking a Flight to NYC is almost the same amount as a bus $80 vs. $50. It might seem like a lot of money, but it will save you some energy and you will not have to spend 12 hours in the most uncomfortable position. A good alternative is driving a car, but it is not only expensive to pay for gas but also for parking spot, which is almost impossible to find in New York City.

#2 Find a good location to stay. You definitely do not want to spend a much time commuting from Briton Beach to Manhattan, so look for a place on the Island or near the Bridge. As a cheap alternative you may book a hostel. There are a bunch of different hostels in the Fashion District, which is in Downtown Manhattan. They are comparably cheap and are close to everything. AS LONG AS YOU ARE ON THE ISLAND EVERYTHING IS CLOSE TO YOU.

#4   Buy a metro-pass. If you plan to stay there for more than two days , the best option for you will be a week pass. It is only $31 and allows you to use public transit in NYC area. Considering that subway there is working 24/7 it is a cheap and safe way to travel around any time.

#5   Do not starve yourself.  You will always need a lot of energy to wonder around this city. And of course you know that Toronto has a huge variety of cuisines, but it is not the only city which is famous for that. You can find any kind of food in NYC just next to you. They have fine stores called “Deli” where you can create your own meal, just grab a lunch box and put anything you want.

#6   Save money See more. To see all the nicest places of Manhattan you do not need to spend huge amount of money. Here is the tip: tourists’ tour to see the Statue of Liberty costs about $35-45 but you can do this for free! How? You can go to Staten Island Ferry Whitehall Terminal and take a ride on a ship. It usually brings people who work on Staten Island all the way from Manhattan for free. You will not be able to walk around the Statue because it does not stop there, but you can enjoy the view as many times as you wish and save more money for Empire State Building visit.

#7 Be friendly.  You can’t even imagine what kind of people live in that city. Just be friendly and use any chance you have  to talk to people, you will soon make friends and will have company to spend time with. Maybe they will even offer you to stay at their place and you will save some money on that part too. Anyways make new friends and learn the city from the inside.

Wish you a good time in Manhattan! It’s expensive city to live but it doesn’t mean it is expensive to travel.


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