The World Welcomes Adele to the Top of the Charts

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Adele is a Grammy winner, chart-topper and mother but now you can add a record breaking album sales to her resume. Adele has a great resume by the way, I saw it and was not disappointed.

Adele’s 25 becomes the best selling album of 2015 and that’s just in three days alone! The previous record holder was Taylor Swifts 1989 album from last year. If Adele hadn’t released her album which people in the music industry were skeptical about 1989 would have been the first CD to ever be number one two years in a row.  According to Nielsen, the British superstar has sold 2.3 million by Monday.  Adele also broke records in another right, saying ‘Bye Bye Bye’ to N’SYNC World Record of most albums sold in a single week.

I was one of those 2.3 million that got an e-mail from Apple at midnight and sat and listened to Adele nonstop since Friday, curled up in my bed sobbing and drinking wine. I wanted to look at my three favorite songs from the album and what should be on your Adele must listen’s


Being an Adele fan of her 19 and 21 album I felt like this was a perfect end to her number albums.  Now everybody knows the first single Hello which has racked up 4.7 million today!  Now diving into the album you get this power ballad to get a sense of what 25 is all about. Seeming to link back to her 21 single “Someone Like You” seems to resolve the issues of the past. It is a song about moving on from the past and becoming an adult. Now moving on from people, can appeal to many people and that’s why I think a lot of people fell in love with the debut song because it provided closure for everyone.

The second song that is a must listen is A Million Years Ago, the ninth song on 25. A Million Years Ago shows the Adele immense vocal range and her way with words. Speaking and singing the song on the Today Show, Adele explains that this song was inspired by driving past an old park that she used to spend a lot of her childhood at and burst into tears. By thinking about her friends herself and her friends hanging out this park, she wouldn’t have imagined that this would never happen again, not in a million years. This song takes on a ride of emotions and creates a bond between yourself and the people closest around you.

Million Years Ago-Adele

The final song that I have been jamming to non-stop has been River Lea.  Adele may be touring round the world, but you can’t take the girl out of London. Singing about a river The Lea in London, that has seemingly polluted her relationships.  This can be a nod to her ex-boyfriends in her hometown that have impacted her life. Because without all of these failed relationships would there even be an Adele. These lyrics also make you think how relationships become a part of you and deep within your veins.

Now Adele isn’t stopping anytime soon, she has so many other great songs of the album that just focusing on three is an understatement to how great this album is. If you love Adele and I know you do, don’t hesitate to tell everyone you know that you’re going to take a couple days off work and school to listen. I’m sure they will understand.


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