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“New technology is being disrupted all the time, and we are going to, as a society, have to deal with disruption that that is going to create.” Premier Kathleen Wynne

Have you ever stood downtown on a Saturday night, in the pouring rain trying to get a ‘traditional’ cab?

Fifty cabs went by my date and me on a busy street.

“Let me see. Is that a cab? No. Yes! Yes, it is, but there is someone in the back… Hey, if you can’t give us a ride, please call for another driver to come get us.” Ha ha.

I love the names of ‘traditional’ cab companies.

After last night, the names going to mean something to me- which company not to call:

Beck. “Not at my beck and call.”

Co-op. “Not very.”

East End. “I was going west.”

Not even the ‘traditional’ Yellow cab stopped. Am I really so scary?

“Here’s another one. Why is he driving by? There is no one in the car! What’s he carrying, the invisible man, or the invisible woman? I can’t tell.”

You would think in any business, if there were a lot of prospective customers needing quick transportation, there would have to be a better way to service them-‘traditional’ or not.

“Oh, look the rain is changing to hail. How ironic.”

What if you aren’t someone who goes downtown on a Saturday night? Have you ever been waiting inside your house wondering why the taxi you called half an hour ago still hasn’t arrived?

“It’s been half an hour. Should I call the angry dispatcher again and ask how much longer it is going to be? I could have walked there by now.”

Another 15 minutes before an old cop car painted orange, yellow or rusty blue finally shows up, smelling of lemon fish-sticks, stale cigarette, and crack cocaine.

“Great. I sat in the back of this same car when it was new. I was wearing handcuffs then.”

And it’s not cheap to take a licensed taxi!

You try adding a quarter every ten seconds. You try to do some quick math in your head after three glasses of red wine. You try to figure out how you can jump out as the meter hits $20- because that’s all you have in your wallet.

Then the driver makes a wrong turn. He apologizes, “New to the city.” You don’t feel guilty for not tipping.

But now you have a choice!

Online-based ride-booking technology-“Sharing Economy’. Move the commuter more freely, more efficiently, at lower costs, and pay online.

California-based UBER has uprooted the traditional taxi industry and changed the business model for evermore. UBER, allows passengers to summon a car with an app on their mobile phone.

And with UBER you can play your own music inside the car.

But-when will UBER itself be disrupted by the next best thing??

As my Grandpa used to say, “If something is too cheap and wonderful, there’s probably a sleazy reason why.”

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