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Come one, come all to the first edition of Wrestle Wednesdays. I’m going to breakdown recent big wrestling events. This week, my sights are on Survivor Series 2015.

The event was advertised as the 25th anniversary of the Undertaker so there was some high standards going into the event as a fan. It was held in Atlanta, Georgia in the Philips Arena to a 14K audience. I, however, stayed in the comfort of my home and watched it with friends that are a bit more on the casual side.

There were plenty of problems before the event even started. Dank meme, John Cena went on a small hiatus until next year. Fan-favourites and former-indie stars, Seth Rollins and Cesaro were both put out of action due to injury so that was a huge loss. Seth was also the world champion so due to his injury, he was forced to vacate his title and it was put up as the prize for a tournament.

Tournaments are usually great for building up stars and showcasing their potential. The only problem is that the results were pretty obvious from the get-go. Roman Reigns who is regarded as the next Cena, was on the opposite side of the card to his former stablemate, Dean Ambrose. It was guaranteed that Roman would be in the finals and with Dean they were teasing him turning on Reigns for weeks.

Dean is an internet darling from his work in the deathmatch scene, to his mainstream work as being a badass with great promo and mic skills. Reigns is almost a polar opposite in that he’s a CFL-reject and related to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He has the body type and look that Vince McMahon has a hard-on for which led to his almost instantaneous main event push once their (Rollins, Ambrose, Reigns) stable, The Shield dissolved and they went singles routes. Terrible mic work and a shallow moveset has resulted in the once silent muscle of the group to become the second-rate Rock without the support of the fans.

The traditional 5-on-5 elimination tag match was held on the pre-show. 90’s star, Goldust also made his return from injury in this match as a foil to his half-brother, Stardust (FKA Cody Rhodes). The problem with this is that no one watches the pre-show. A potentially hype, surprise return was calmed by the lack of viewership.

Fortunately, another traditional 5-on-5 match took place on the main show. Unfortunately, it ended with 2 members of a team pre-emptively quitting and leaving their last member in a 1-on-3 situation. The thing that makes Survivor Series, Survivor Series, seemed like an afterthought this year.

Leading into the woman’s title match, Paige vs Divas Champion, Charlotte, there was a lot of controversy on Monday Night Raw because of a promo by the challenger, Paige. In her promo, she brought up Charlotte’s brother who wanted to become a wrestler and follow in their father’s footsteps (Oh yeah. There dad is Ric FLAIR!). Her brother passed away a couple of years ago due to drugs so the subject is still really sore. Charlotte broke into tears and Ric Flair stated that he wasn’t told beforehand. The match itself wasn’t very memorable and a few great spots were ruined due to botches. Also there was a lot of grunting. It was a bit unpleasing.

Tyler Breeze vs Dolph Ziggler was another forgettable match. I’ve followed Tyler Breeze for years when he was on the developmental show, NXT, and he has potential to be a solid midcarder and even an upper midcarder. Alas, his PPV debut on the main roster was a rather lukewarm response. One of the best things about his entrance is that he live streams himself with his phone and a selfie stick and the video is played on the big titantron, BUT THEY TOOK AWAY THE STREAM PART. One of the biggest losses of the night for sure.

The hyped match of the night was Kane and the Undertaker teaming up once again as the Brothers of Destruction to face the Wyatt Family, consisting of Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, and Braun Strowman. Representing the Wyatts was their leader, Bray, and Luke Harper. In classic fashion, the Undertaker came out to another one of his classic entrances. And after that… well, that’s it. The match was fairly one-sided despite the show being the Undertaker’s 25 year anniversary, it wasn’t even the main event. Definitely a let down in my eyes.

The finals of the tournament was as I hinted at, Dean Ambrose vs (obvious winner) Roman Reigns. For a finals and a main event, the match was shorter than the semis and quarters. Most of the match was just a spam of the competitors finishers until Reigns inevitably won. Reigns celebrated in a confetti of boos when Triple H came into the ring to congratulate him. Reigns not wanting to accept and align himself with The Authority, attacked Triple H in retaliation.

And here come’s the save; The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus delivering a Brogue Kick to Reigns and cashing in his Money in the Bank guaranteed title shot. After one more kick, Sheamus got the 3-count on Reigns and walked out with Triple H as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. And despite being the heel (bad guy), Sheamus was cheered while Reigns layed crying in the ring.

In the closing of the show, an awkward close up of Reigns on the mat in tears… which no one cared about.

Close up face shot of Roman Reigns in the WWE ring with confetti around him whilst he holds his temple with his fingers and cries like a bitch.

All in all, the picture describes how I felt about the event, “why did I watch this..?” My friends and I were all pretty whelmed.



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