I want to sleep! I still love you school.

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio

So It’s 6:00 in the morning and your alarm clock goes off, signaling a brand new start to a brand new day. The only thing is… it is your alarm clock nagging you to wake up out of your deep precious sleep to attend your super early class and I mean early; 8:00 early, to be exact. And I’m not saying that class nags me and I don’t want to attend, but when you live at the end of the earth, and getting to work is a complete nightmare, then you start to question yourself. “Do I seriously have to wake up at this ridiculous time just so I can make it on time”? “Is it really worth it, or can I get those extra couple of hours of sleep that I so desperately crave”? Those are the words of the handful majority who desperately want to sleep in and not have to worry about waking up and missing their precious bed. I don’t want you to think that attending school is a nightmare or anything. But when your school is an hour and a half away from where you live, it sort of becomes a nightmare to mission on over there. I’ll be the first to tell you, I for the most part really enjoy school. I get to come into school every single day knowing I am learning about something I really love and have a passion for. You might be asking yourself “Where does he live that it takes him so long”? I’ll tell you that right now. The funny thing is, I live in the same city as the school I’m attending in… Toronto. But you might ask yourself… “Then why is he talking about how long it takes him to get to and from school if he lives in the city where he attends classes”?

You want to know the answer? The TTC. Those three simple letters of the alphabet combined together make Toronto’s public transit, The Toronto Transit Commission. Every day, before I sleep I would have to set my alarm clock to wake up three to four hours before my scheduled class or else I would be late every single day. I bet you probably didn’t expect this article to go this way, but it did. Gotcha! But seriously though… it takes me a long time to get to school because TTC service is at its all-time low. I mean all time low would be an understatement. Anyone who takes Public transit, such as YRT or The TTC knows the kind of struggle it takes to make it to your destination. From bus delays to re-routes to de-tours to just flat out stopping the service because of track work or whatever else is going is a complete hassle, I tell you! Buses majority of the time are never on time they’re always late. For public transit and especially it being Toronto’s public transit, it should be a whole lot better than what it currently is. I just wish it can get better. But I’m afraid that is not going to be the case, at least not in the near future.


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