The best smartphone you can buy (To Date)

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We live in a world where everyone is deeply connected to each other, through one device. We bring it everywhere with us, pay crazy amounts of money to have and maintain it, and we treat it like it’s the most important thing in the world. The device is a smartphone and today there are millions of them in existence. Due to the demand for a good smartphone, there are many companies that offer many different options.  I’ll be going over all the options and showing you the best ones you can buy as of  2015.

If you’ve never heard, or have never used a smartphone before, or your not a really techy person at all, the best option for you is the iphone 6s. ” Apple’s done what we all expected – finely balanced its latest phone” says Gareth Beavis from Techradar. The iphone, in general, is the smartphone you’ll see the most and it’s for good reason. It’s premium hardware, mixed with it’s relatively simplistic software, makes it an ideal choice for the average consumer. It doesn’t take a lot to understand how an iphone works and once you’ve used one iphone, you’ve basically used them all. The best part about all of this is the support that Apple, the company that makes the iPhone, gives to their products. They offer relatively inexpensive fixes if it breaks as well as lots of software and app support. In all, the iphone is not perfect but it is the best, all around phone, you can buy.

Although, I’ve given high praise to the iPhone, it’s not the phone I personally use or recommend my friends getting. I’m a fan of Android phones and have been ever since I started using smartphones. Unlike IOS, which offers a stupid simple interface for you to understand, Android phones are slightly more complected but, what I think to be, a better experience.  Android phones come in many different shapes and sizes but gernerally any made within the last two years, are really good. Many of them, such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, are slightly more premium then the iphone and offer better camera’s then their competitors. The best thing about Android phones are that they range in many diffrent prices. Some are expensive while others won’t cost more then one hundred dollars. The crazy part is, these phones are all really good for the money you pay for them. Some phones I would recommend are the Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, any 2015 Motorola phone and the Nexus 5X and 6P and many others. In short, Android is a rewarding operating system and offers phones that millions of people enjoy to use.

After this point, there are many other options, but none of them are worth seriously checking out. There’s the Blackberry, a Canadian phone company that used to dominate the smartphone industry but is now about to go bankrupt. They make okay phones with okay software, nothing amazing. There’s also Windows phone which has potential to be a driving force, in the the smartphone market, but right now it doesn’t have the support by the general public.

A Smartphone can and will change your life but it’s up to you to pick the right one!

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