Stumbled Upon: Pugs, The Universe, and Invisible Cursors

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The internet can be an interesting place sometimes, and other than YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, you can find some really cool time-wasters:

What a beautiful world we live in where one of the first things you look at on the screen is a pug.

The Pug Screen Cleaner:

This amazing dog cleans your dirty screen, by applying his love slobber onto your screen! The dog’s name is Pugsly, and has appeared in famous movies like men in black (not confirmed). He has his own copyright, as well as his own email: so if you want to send him a message, tell him how great he is at doing his job, then do it! I’ve stared at this web page for about an hour once and I honestly can’t get enough of this. it’s just really great.

I think the best part about this screen cleaner is that it gives off the simulation that it’s being cleaned, and when you change the tab, it looks actually clean in comparison to the slobber on the pug page.


The Scale of the Universe 2:

Ever wondered what the smallest thing in the universe was? how about the biggest? well your hunger and strange lust for knowledge can now be sated with this cool website that shows exactly that! It even shows measurements I’ve never even heard of, let alone think about in my dreams (the heck is a yoctometer?). you move through the universe by scrolling up and down, where up zooms in and downward zooms out. it’s a pretty cool website and I really recommend you play around with it, look at a couple of moons and suns while you’re at it!

This is a pretty fascinating website with a lot of things that’ll probably make you say “wow that’s bigger than that?” or something along those lines at least.


From all the popular games online like League of Legends, Minecraft, Call of Duty, etc, there are other games out there, unbeknownst to mankind that are just as fun and as addicting to play as Flappy Bird (jeez, remember that?) Invisible Cursor is a game made by a game developer by the username AMO. it was made back in 2004 with a very simple concept. when you click start, the cursor begins to disappear. From there, you break grey targets by clicking them, but if you don’t know where your mouse is, it’s harder to track where you’re gonna hit. It becomes even harder because there’s a time limit at the bottom of the screen that goes by quickly, maybe around 5 seconds?

I’m not too sure, but can you beat my score of 109?

The game itself is really fun and is really good at hand-eye coordination and keeping track of where you predict. It’s a learning experience and a fun game at the same time! pretty rare if you ask me.


Until next time, I’m Nicko Monte


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