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The spotlight shines on one of my favorite bands. Perhaps one of the most hated bands in music history, Nickelback has survived the hate in order to sell over 50 million albums world wide.  One of my friends, Brendan Manna, will defend them to the death and has opened my eyes to the previously unexplored band. This is Nickelback In The Spotlight:


Early Years

Nickelback was formed in in 1995 in Hanna, Alberta and consists of 4 members.  The bands frontman Chad Kroeger, who recently divorced fellow Canadian Avril Lavigne, is the most recognizable band member and has featured on other artist’s tracks.   Nickelback developed a post grunge, hard rock sound and was signed by Roadrunner Records in 1999.  They re-released their previously independent album The State, and a cult following was born.



Not only has Nickelback found success in the Canadian market but also has a following in the States.  In 2000, the band was named the second best selling foreign act behind only The Beatles.  Following that success they released their album Silver Side Up which featured their most recognizable track yet: This Is How You Remind Me, which topped the charts in both Canada and America at the same time.


Award Wins

American Music Awards: 2

Billboard Music Awards: 6

Juno Awards: 12

Kerrang! Awards: 5

Much Music Video Awards: 7


Little Known Facts

– Frontman Chad Kroeger used to do Metallica and Led Zeppelin covers before he was in Nickelback

– The band name was formed after band member Mike Kroeger gave Starbucks customers their change at the register saying “Here’s your nickelback”

– Chad Kroeger did an interview with playboy magazine where he said “I will die on my 40th birthday… I dreamed it”

– The bans last five releases have debuted in the Top 10 of The Billboard 200 and in Canada- at number 1



Curb 1996

The State 1998

Silver Side Up 2001

The Long Road 2003

All The Right Reasons 2005

Dark Horse 2008

Here And Now 2011

No Fixed Address 2014


The band has been criticized due to their over-use of themes that involve strippers, sex, prostitutes, and drugs.  They have also been accused of sticking to the same formula and being repetitive in their songs.  In November 2011 they were voted the number one musical turnoff edging out Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.  Around the same time, Nickelback was scheduled to perform the Thanksgiving halftime show during and NFL game in Detroit.  Fans were outraged and made a petition that had almost 20 000 signatures asking to cancel the event.  Nickelback went on for one song before they were booed off stage.


Hate them or love them, there is no denying that Nickelback is one of the most successful bands of all time.  I know I haven’t given them the credit they deserve, so to make up for it I am going to give you a song recommendation: A Million Miles An Hour off their newest album No Fixed Address.

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