The Ups and Downs of Life As a College Student

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Life as a college student can be many different things for a person. Exciting, scary, nerve-wracking, fun, enjoyable, stressful, the list can go on and on. To say that my life as a college student so far here at Seneca College has been a roller coaster ride would be the biggest understatement of the year. Too many things have happened on my way to this point, this being my fourth (and hopefully final) year here at Seneca. Entering college, I would say over half of a campus would not know what they want to do with their life, either entering post-secondary, or leaving it. Me personally, I pretty much knew what I had wanted to do: to become a sports broadcaster.

My first two years here, I was in the journalism program, and it started off great. I met new people, enjoyed my work, and balanced my time well between school work and extracurricular activities (recreation centre). A lot of ┬ápeople have trouble balancing their life and work, especially right off the bat, which results in people dropping out of school. It’s unfortunate, but I feel like everything happens for a reason. With my path, I completed the journalism program, but I couldn’t obtain an internship, which resulted in me not receiving my diploma (yet). The amount of nights I stayed on campus after 10:00pm, and coming in to do work on Sundays was very stressful. I didn’t feel satisfied when I finished, because I’m a perfectionist; I was never satisfied with my work, and I wasn’t getting good grades. I always liked my radio classes when I was in journalism. I did well in them, and I felt more comfortable behind a microphone than in front of a camera, which made me make the switch.

I don’t know about anyone else, but me personally, speaking with a program coordinator in their office, especially for the very first time, can really make you nervous. I went through that about a week before exams while I was in journalism with coordinator, Jim Carr. I guess you can say it was a mini interview. But safe to say, it went well and I am now here. I am happy with how almost everything has been going while I’ve been in the program so far; my grades are a lot better, I enjoy doing most of my work, I am stressed out a lot less, and my time management is much better. I still work just as hard as I did while in journalism, maybe more so, but work is done in less time, and I’m never here too late or having to come in on weekends.

Everybody is different. People succeed in post-secondary with their own methods. In my opinion, time management and choosing your main priorities are what makes a person succeed in college or university the most. But you should also try and enjoy your time while you are there. Not everybody gets the opportunity to make it to the post-secondary, and these are days that you will never want to forget.

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