Money Is No Object

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Money Is No Object

In sports money is kind of everything. Athletes in major sports get big time contracts. Big time contracts means big time money. In the NHL and the NBA, for example, there is a salary cap. A salary cap means each team has a certain amount of money they can spend per year. The NBA players make more money because the salary cap is higher due to T.V contracts. Regardless, there is still a salary cap.

You know the saying money doesn’t grow on trees, well for the MLB it almost does. Let’s put it this way one of the biggest contracts signed in NHL history is a 13 year $124 million dollar contract. I’ll give you two seconds to guess. Time’s up. The contract was signed by one of the best NHL players in the league, Alexander Ovechkin. So that is a lot of money. On average that is $9.5 million dollars a season. To the MLB that is cute. Due to the fact that there is no salary cap players make a lot of money. For example, Miami Marlins player, Giancarlo Stanton signed a 13 year, wait for it, $325 million dollar contract. That is an average of $25 million dollars a season. That is insane.

The people who own teams in the MLB give the team a certain amount of money that the team can spend to get players in a season. Money can buy players in order for your team to be successful. Players in Major League Baseball know that they can be paid, so they cash in when they can. When a player is deciding what team to join or who to re-sign with they look at several things. They look at the money and they look at the team and if they can be successful. In my opinion, in the MLB players who are the best always get a lot of money. There are not many players who take pay cuts who are star caliber players.

An example of a player who is about to cash in is starting pitcher David Price. Price was traded this past MLB season to the Toronto Blue Jays. His contract has expired and therefore he is negotiating a new contract with a new team. Price is 30 years of age. He is considered to be in his prime. This means in the next 4 or 5 years he is set to be pitching his best he has ever pitched in his career. As I write this Price is getting ready to cash in and sign a potential 6 year deal worth over $200 million dollars.

A team will pay what they need in order to win. In the MLB the New York Yankees are the most valuable team in baseball. They are worth over $1 billion dollars. Since they have so much money they can buy and sign all of the best players. The owners of a team give the team a BUDGET on how much they can spend. Some teams have more money than others and cannot spend as much money as other teams.

One day I think that a salary cap should and will be implemented in the Major Leagues. Why I think there should be one is because it would make it fair for other teams who are not worth and do not have as much money as other teams.


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