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There’s a common misconception when people mention LARP or LARPers.

I’m a LARPer even though I haven’t been to an event in a long time. -sad face-

For people who don’t know, L.A.R.P stands for live action role play. Live action role play is basically like the very popular board game Dungeon and Dragons except instead of using your imagination and dice to explore and fight monsters, you explore caves and fight monsters in real life.

There are many different kinds of LARPs in the LARP world, they all have different themes and rules depending on the game play. A lot of LARPs still do combat using dice, or stats, again every LARP is different.

The LARP I attend is a little more complicated, because it consists of people actually hitting each other this makes the rules a little more complicated.

The name of the franchise is Underworld LARP and is owned by David Ashby, who loves his game and the tight knit community he’s created along with Edward Watt. Recently Underworld is expanding, opening chapters in Ottawa and Calgary, there might even be one opening up in Japan!

The first Underworld chapter is a Toronto based chapter even though it’s 2 and a half hour drive north of Toronto, on a horse ranch named Magik Morn.

We call this town Jericho.

Jericho is where we live when we are in the game. In the magical world of Jericho there are laws, a sort of government, taverns, shops, bars, and even a brothel.

We try to keep real life and fantasy life separate because when we go to Jericho we want to leave the real world behind and immerse our selves in magic and heroism. The game costs $50 for a weekend where you bring your own food, and did I mention camping? Yes, there isn’t anywhere to sleep, you need to bring your own tent, water, blankets, and anything you need to keep your self alive for the weekend. Despite the misconception of LARP being a nerdy game, Underworld takes it to another extreme level. You also need to bring food, or being enough money to buy from tavern, tavern is run in game by in game players. Everyone has come to know the tavern’s owner and everyone calls her “Mama”.

Usually Underworld events are monthly in the summer time starting in June, but sometimes depending on the players, the owners will organize a few “off season” events during late fall, when it gets cold, and I mean cold.

Did I mention, that in order to keep the fantasy world and the real world separate there are many strict rules in place that the players happily abide by because it makes the game more fun.

These are only some of the strict rules in place:

Anything “infernal”, anything that can be considered even remotely modern is forbidden, or infernal, this means things like

  • Technology – phones, flashlights
  • Modern clothes – hoodies, jackets
  • “Infernal” speech – talking about Tv shows, cars, anything you say “out of character”.

People can make their own characters and stories and costumes.

There are many races to chose from and when you do, you must abide by the “racials” of the race. (i.e if you play an elf, you need to get wear elf ears)

I LARP with so many people one of which is my brother who loves LARP had some stuff to add “the LARPing community is so friendly and helpful to new players that people end up joining just because of the community and the cool people who you’ll make friends with!”

To get a better understanding of LARP check out this video


And to join Underworld LARP check out their website




me and my bro in game




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