How would I spend my last ten dollars?

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Ten dollars may not seem like much but to some people it can mean everything. As an individual, your expectations grow with you. For example, when we are children, ten dollars seems like the world but once we become teenagers, we do not tend to value the ten dollars as much. But let’s just say I had ten dollars to spend on anything I wanted, what would I really want to do? Where would I spend my last ten dollars?

I only have 2 years of experience with lottery tickets, and so far I’ve had nothing but great luck. I figured most people would probably spend all their 10 dollars on lottery but I think that would be a big waste of money. I would probably end up buying only one lottery ticket, or even play online casino, on order to win online casino, you would have to spend about 2 or 3 dollars and bet on a sports team that you think will be winning and you have a higher chance to win then if you were to go to a real casino, plus its much cheaper because you can win up to 100 dollars from just betting on two dollars. The chances are much higher. The online casino usually consists of sport teams. I know the entire top sports teams so I would just bet on a team that usually ends up winning. I would bet my ticket or play online casino and pray that I win. If I do win that lottery ticket or the online casino, lets say at the least I would win an extra ten dollars. I would have 20 and I would work on from there. I would have more money and more things to get or use my money towards.

I would spend a couple dollars on food. Lets say about 3 dollars. It would keep me full and give me the energy to try and find more money; also it would make me not feel tired or lazy. The food would make me want to get up. I mean why wouldn’t you spend your money on food? You need it in order to survive. Speaking of surviving. I would spend my last couple of dollars, lets say around 2 dollars on a drink to keep me refreshed and also keep me hydrated. The food and the drink would be the most important things for me to spend my money on because it’s the only things that will keep me moving and pushing me to try and make more money.

I don’t have the most interesting story to what I would do with my last 10 dollars, I am not going to be the person to spend it on taking the Ferris wheel all the way to the top or spend it on their favorite game or even give it to the poor which are all great ideas but for me, as long as I survive and enjoy my last 10 dollars, ill be good.

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