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Rolling in downloads: Adele is back with a vengeance

Unless you haven’t heard, the smash hit Hello, and no I’m not talking about Lionel Ritche’s version. British singing sensation Adele’s new album will drop on November 20th.andher new single Hello has been the most downloaded digital track in history! People have been using the smash hit lyrics to play some pranks on unsuspecting people.  The music video has racked up 400 million views and people have been using the lyrics to text their ex-boyfriends and girlfriends and posting them to twitter. People have also started to insert videos of Adele and LionelRitcheon the phone together because of both the singers well-known Hello songs.  Below you can see the viral hit of both singers talking on the phone.

Lionel calls Adele to say Hello


#1 Heartthrob?


As Justin Bieber and One direction released their albums, one week prior to our girl, Adele because they don’t want to battle for number one with her. I’m sorry Biebs you may have the abs, but there is no beating Adele for that number one spot.  One Direction releasing Made in the Am and Justin Bieber releasing Purpose both on Friday November 13. From the looks of it Justin Bieber looks to be if Purpose sells as expected, it will earn Bieber his largest sales week yet, surpassing the 374,000 start of 2012’s Believe (according to Nielsen Music).  Of course with two days being left, One Directions fans could rally or Adele could release her album a day early  and ruin the projections for Biebers sixth Now being an objective journalist, I can not tell which one I was jamming out to this weekend but Drag me Down is my new jam, just saying. But Bieber and One Direction are performing much stronger than ever expected with more than 300 000 in pure album sales.

One Direction-Drag Me Down


Charlie Sheen tries to be #winning again?


Charlie Sheen most known for his role on Two and Half Men as Charlie revealed on Tuesday November 17 that he has HIV. The actor spoke with Matt Laurier about having the disease for 4 years before publicly announcing it. He told Matt that he has been a 100 percent honest with all his sexual partners since knowing his status.  Sheen also said he has been blackmailed for up to 10 million dollars from people of his inner circle who he told his status to thinking they would keep it safe.  Since his announcement, his ex-girlfriend Bree Olson has been receiving a lot of hate online from Sheen supporters    Olson has been shocked by how much hatred has been directed at her and ex-boyfriends have been reaching out and questioning her about her HIV status. Since testing negative she is still receiving backlash from ex-boyfriends asking if they should get tested as well.  Olson, who insists that Sheen never told her that he was positive, is seeking a lawsuit against the star and looking for some recognition that he wasn’t as safe during their sexual experiences.



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