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The new Commuter Hostel opened at the Ryerson University Campus in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

Nine rooms available to students at $35 a night.

ONLY students currently enrolled at Ryerson are eligible to make a reservation.

Still…I love idea!

Maybe you have missed the last bus, or train, or plane, because unfortunately they don’t run 24/7. Even bus drivers gotta sleep-ah, the irony.

Or you have to stay late to work on a group project-again!

Or you have missed the last bus to Newnham or King campus? What would a taxi cost? Or Uber? $35?

Or you have a two-hour ride home at 12:00A.M. If it is snowing- add another hour. Who here wants to go to bed for an hour, wake up, then turn around only to do the two-hour commute back to school?Sometimes, it is NOT worth it.

Rent a room. $35

Clean towels-Clean mind.

Rent a room. $35

That’s seven lattes at Starbucks!

The nine extra rooms were previously reserved for visiting professors. Don’t be surprised to find a thesis hidden under the rug or discover a secret formula written on the inside wall of a closet or two.

Nine rooms at $35 each would mean a total of $315 a night going right into Ryerson’s profit portfolio!

I love the idea!

Especially if there is a snowstorm. UBC nad U. of Guelph did it years ago.

I’ve seen empty rooms overnight there. When’s that gonna happen?

I love the idea!

It would be better than:

  • sleeping on a desk in the library
  • hiding in the washroom, feet up on the seat
  • riding the TTC all night
  • crawling into a car in the parking garage
  • putting two chairs together
  • wrapping yourself in a newspaper blanket
  • drinking seven lattes

Should we have a few rooms available overnight here at Seneca? Or charge per hour?

Some days, I would really like an afternoon nap. You?

How much would you pay for a 26-minute nap?

Some days-I am in so need of a little lay down-that I would sleep in a bag nailed to a wall-like Rusty the Rooster from the old Friendly Giant show on CBC.


  • Sting Blankies
  • Sammy Nightlights
  • Seneca College Travel Coffee Mug
  • Tim Horton’s 20% discount
  • Free Wi-Fi

Sometimes-I just want to lie down and rest my back. That’s all-nothing fancy.

I don’t even need a mattress-just a flat surface to completely stretch out. Nothing sticky on the floor!

For a back-up, I have been known to go pretend to do yoga in the gym and fall asleep.

But you wake up and it always smells like rubber and old socks.

All this talk about naps has made me tired-yawn.

Rent a room. $35

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