Fall in for Fallout 4!

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Fall in for Fallout 4!

 Featured Image courtesy of the Fallout Wiki and artist SwoleRat: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/File:Fo4-stand-concept.jpg

Fallout 4 has been a long time anticipated sequel to Fallout 3, in fact, it’s been seven years since we got an essential sequel to the game (New Vegas doesn’t count!) With that being said, E3 came as a surprise and almost an emotional evoking of mixed feelings, as Bethesda announced Fallout 4 is confirmed, coming out, and coming out this year. On top of it’s November 10th release date, Xbox One users will be getting a free digital copy of Fallout 3, as well as accessibility of mods, for users to manually enhance their own game. Sorry PS4 users, just the base game for you.

Now the time has come, and Fallout 4 has been out for about a week now.

I currently have 36 hours logged. (edit: Now 67 hours)

For a game that is essentially a sandbox, adventure, role-playing, endless possibility story, it has enough content that I won’t be visiting my significant other for a solid chunk of time. (If I had a significant other). Exploring the Commonwealth is no easy task for any lone wanderer, and the new enemies, or even recurring ones, provide a substantial challenge to any well armed caravan, forget a single lone wanderer. The Wasteland is more vast in the Commonwealth. The exploration is almost limitless, and considering it will take you forty five minutes to walk from the top of the map, to the bottom, non-stop, exemplifies how long it could take you just to explore a single area. It’s interesting, really, to see how much content you can access, and how hard Bethesda has worked to cram eight years of work into a small blu-ray disc.

With environmental hazards, whimsical and exotic creatures, and a plethora of quests and story-line content, Fallout promises to ruin your life, one gaming session at a time. The game has been so addicting, users are posting played time pictures and competing for most hours played.


Below are some in-game screenshots to illustrate the major game changes and new system set in place.


As you can see, There has been a major change to mechanics from Fallout 3, and the options are endless and limitless. The full customization of towns, power armor, and even guns, provokes thoughts of nuclear warfare and battles raging against Super Mutants and Raiders across the Wasteland, all while flying from the safety of a Vertibird, raining hot death from above. The Jet Pack system allows for an excellent traversal of environment, like never before.

The only downside to the game is the new power armor system. rather than having basic armor to equip and un-equip, as well as repair, the new armor is a fully body suit you wear ON TOP of your standard civvies. It makes a character into a virtual mobile tank, allowing for better protection against damage, radiation, and energy-based weapons. The downside being, you need ‘Fusion Cores’ (A unique battery in the game) in order to renew the use of power armor. Between that and the VATS system being slightly altered, those are the basis of complaints, and could be considered nitpicking at best. The game itself is much more fast paced in terms of combat and doesn’t feel like a traditional Fallout, abusing the VATS system to beat everything.

Ultimately, I would recommend this game to even my mother, as the game provides so much entertainment, you’ll feel like a Vault Dweller yourself, the only light being provided by dingy lights, and a monitor… Maybe Vault-Tec, is practicing experiments after all.

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