Do The Blue Jays Have What It Takes?

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Do The Blue Jays Have What It Takes?


With the Blue Jays coming off their best season in 22 years it’s easy to forget that success is hard to repeat while being apart of AL East Division. Besides that there are so many questions that surround the team, like will David Price re-sign? Who’s going to replace former GM Alex Anthopoulos? Will Josh Donaldson get the contract he deserves, or will the team fight it out with him in arbitration? There is just so much we want to know as fans, but just so little information is available. All we could really do now is share our opinions on what WE the fans of this team think will happen! Obviously the topic task for the team right now is searching for a new GM. Alex Anthopoulos did the impossible he ended the 22-year playoff drought and brought great players to the city for the fans to enjoy. Finding a replacement will be tough, but not impossible. If the Jays ownership is serious about repeating the success the team had last year they will have no choice but to pay David Price the money he wants. It’s a big asking price but for someone like David Price it’s a must do. Talents like him are often hard to obtain! 200 million dollars over 7 years is a lot but David Price will give this team a fighting chance at winning the World Series.  Lets face it, you don’t have to be a huge Jay’s fan or even a fan at all to know the type of success this team had this year. It was really a special thing for Toronto and also the country of Canada to share the excitement. The reason its special is because we are the only Canadian team playing! So if David Price resigns not only will our deep batting lineup help us win games. Our pitching rotation with David Price at the helm, gives confidence to the young pitchers. This will allow the team to push that much closer!

MVP can you hear that? Can you feel the buzz? That’s right ladies and gentlemen Toronto’s Josh Donaldson won the 2014-2015 AL MVP Award to top of the great season he had. With that great season in the books, Josh and the Blue Jays management have some work to do.  They have to work on the contract details to resign Josh Donaldson beyond this year.  If he and the team fail to talk through a fair contract for both sides, they will unfortunately have to battle it out in arbitration, which is never a good thing!! With the season Josh Donaldson had and what he means to the overall team with his leadership skills, it would a foolish move to make him angry or make him dislike playing for this team. Arbitration can sometimes do that to a marriage between a player and his team. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that. With all this work to be done it’s going to be a very busy offseason.




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