Be Straight, This Isn’t Call Of Duty

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Women aren’t video games. We aren’t the prostitutes in GTA 5. We aren’t a mission to complete. No, we are women. We like to be romanced, have nice (sometimes spontaneous) things done for us, but most of all get to know each other on a deeper level.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love to play video games but what most women don’t appreciate are the games that are played on them. The lies that are told, the excuses and the “I thought you knew it wasn’t serious” statements. So here are 4 basic rules about women when it comes to wooing them that does not include any of the frills.

Be Straight

Easiest and smartest thing you can do. Be straight.  Don’t lie or beat around the bush or “Camp”. Basically, be as straight forward as possible right from the start. This will take out a lot of the guess work. Explain what you are looking for, don’t lead anyone on (no one likes being led on even unintentionally) and if it’s just a casual thing, let it be known!

Surprises Are The Key

Now, I admit, I hate surprises. It’s actually one of my pet peeves but there are a lot of women out there who do love surprises. So if your wife, girlfriend, significant other, partner or even your lover (yes I said lover) loves surprises, turn it into a fun way to spend more time with each other. Plan it out, right down to the spoon and fork (if you’re doing dinner), buy her that sweater she was eyeing last Tuesday. Whatever you chose for a surprise, make sure it’s a good one. She’ll appreciate it.

Include Her

Call of Duty is a multi-player game, so are relationships. There are two of you, not just one. So if you want to go dirt biking, paintballing or you’re watching the Leafs lose to the Bruins on Sportsnet, try to include her. This is a perfect time to show her why you love to do these things. This is also premium bonding time. Explain how you can’t use a Submachine Gun while running after the enemy in Call of Duty. Talk about why the Leafs keep losing and if they’re out already of the playoffs. Sure she might get bored but just the fact you took the time to ask her if she wanted to play or watch the game could mean the entire world to her. Women love being included. Plus it gives her something to gossip about with her girlfriends.

Have Fun

Remember this simple yet super straight forward rule above all. Have fun. Don’t let it stop once you’ve gotten with the person. Don’t let all that you have worked for up to this point be lost. Continue it. Make it a weekly or monthly thing. Remember the reason you fell for her in the first place. Once you have cut all the games out you will realize the most important thing is to be happy and have her happy with you. Life is much easier this way. Explain your fears, ask what are hers. Try to overcome them together and build new memories.

These are just a few out of the many often unspoken but simple rules that most women follow (if she doesn’t she’s lying to you).  Remember these as you go out there to look for your potential soulmate. Life can be complicated but there are other ways to make it simple. The easiest one is to cut the games. The only game you should be playing is the new Fallout 4, together.

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