6 Awesome Little Known Facts About “Lord of the Rings”

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Look at the those beautiful majestic golden locks, you could seduce a swan with those.

1.Legolas may not have actually had his luscious locks

In the novels and many writings Tolkien released, he never actually described Legolas’ appearance. Although he described many of the other elves in the series, including Thranduil, most of whom have the long golden hair we see on Orlando Bloom, Legolas was never given a full description. So in other words, if you want to picture Legolas with a footlong bright green mohawk, and no one could argue you.

This is what we would have had to look at for 9 hours.

 2. Nicolas Cage turned down the role of Aragorn

 Dear God, if you’ve ever done anything right its letting Viggo Mortensen fill this role. Cage turned down the role because of family obligations, thus making way for the most badass perfectly casted actor of any movie ever. (This is scientifically proven, you can’t argue me on this)

We think it may have been a musical.

3. J.R.R Tolkien turned down The Beatles
That’s right. And he knew what he was doing too. In the 1960’s The Beatles wanted to make a film adaptation of Lord of the Rings with Stanley Kubrick directing, but Tolkien shut down the project. He just didn’t like the idea of The Beatles being behind his masterpiece, and didn’t think that they would do it justice. I bet Ringo would’ve been Gollum.

This is why he made the perfect villain, look at those demon eyes. (this was a Christmas album)

4. Saruman was a metalhead

Christopher Lee was in a metal band. This guy was just all around badass, he made a terrifying villain on screen, and off screen he made even more terrifying music. I’m not sure if it was because of the genre or because of… well… the way it sounds. And the Christmas album is a very real thing. Just imagine sitting around the Christmas tree with your kids opening their gifts while sipping on hot chocolate and listening to this.

Just look at that crazy mother*****

5. Viggo Mortensen chipped his tooth during filming, went to the dentist on his lunch, and  then continued filming the rest of the day

It’s a well known fact that this guy kicks ass. Not only did he use a real sword on set, he also did his own stunts, and… didn’t give a crap that he chipped his tooth. The guy is a real life Aragorn. He also broke two toes in the scene where he kicks the helmet when he thinks that Merry and Pippin are dead. This was the take that was used in the film because it ended up looking the best.

I know what you’re thinking, they would make a great basketball team.

6. The Ents marching into Isengard was based off of Macbeth

“Macbeth shall never vanquish’d be until

Great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane hill

Shall come against him.”

These lines are the prophecy of Macbeth’s death, which actually turned out to be an army of men dressed like trees to appear as though the Birnam wood was coming to off Macbeth. (sorry or the spoiler but that is play literally hundreds of years old) Tolkien saw this as a let down, and liked the idea of an army of trees, hence the army of the Ents. Basically, Tolkien not only turned down The Beatles, but was also like “wtf Shakespeare, you butchered that scene, ahh **** it I’ll just rewrite it and actually make it good” (this may be somewhat paraphrased)

In conclusion, Viggo Mortensen is a badass, J.R.R Toklien is an even bigger badass, and Nicholas Cage ****** up.

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