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In this edition of 404 Not Found, we’re talking about good old Canadian TV.

There’s just something cool about looking back at some of the classic shows, spots and PSA’s we grew up watching. And let’s be honest – TV’s are the staple of every childhood! When parents didn’t want to do any parenting, they sat you in front of the TV. A lot of kids learned a lot of what they know now from hours of watching The Zone on YTV. Here a few of the other things that helped shaped Canadians into who they are today.

So without further ado, let’s jump into the rabbit-hole.

1. What’s Your Thing?

The best part about growing up in the late 90’s/early 00’s were the PSA’s. Not only did they address the pertinent issues addressing kids growing up in that era – they also had house hippos! The TV’s telling you not to trust TV’s and safety rabbits were cool too. This PSA was a part of the campaign from Concerned Children’s Advertisers. They came up with some legendary PSA’s like the aforementioned House Hippos, Don’t You Put it in Your Mouth, Smart As You (TV) and We Are Girls.

2. War Amps PSA

This one is actually a reboot from an original coming from the 80’s. Both are incredibly disturbing! It’s weirdly gritty and realistic for the time it aired. The special effects and voice work scream 90’s. As a kid, the message of the PSA was never really clear. It was just a good idea to avoid power tools and robots. So far, so good!

3. Canadian Heritage Minutes

We can thank Historica for putting these on the TV’s across the country. Each one is a different story highlighting great Canadian events and innovators. If you were a kid taking social studies at the time, this would’ve been right up your alley. This one was actually really informative! A Canadian invented basketball! Go Raptors, Go Wiggins, Go Canada!


GET MOVING. KEEP MOVING. BODY BREAK. Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod crushed it! Fun fact about this show: Pierre Trudeau started this thing called “Participaction” in the 70’s to promote a healthy life style for Canadians. So in a way, Body Break is Pierre Trudeau’s super fit love-child. Hopefully Justin brings this back! BODY BREAK. DA NA NA NA.

5. YTV Oh Canada

If you woke up at 6 am and tuned into YTV, you’d get a nice little taste a Canadianity. This was really cool. For a lot of people, it also taught them how to sing the anthem in French!

6. The Raccoons

This show was the greatest! This is the definition of classic CBC programming. It rivalled American shows like Ducktales and Bucky O’Hare. In terms of entertainment, it’s one the best shows Canada has ever churned out. Hopefully this brings the nostalgia back!

7. Night Walk/Night Drive

A late-night Global program that took you through the streets of Toronto. That’s all it is, that’s all it has to be. So relaxing.

If that wasn’t enough, here’s a full episode of UH OH.

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