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In this day and age there isn’t much you can do with just a 10-dollar bill.  However, Toronto offers multiple opportunities to go out and enjoy yourself on a budget. With that being said here is my top 5 things I would do with 10 dollars.

1) Burrito’s serve two purposes in life, comfort food and drunk food. Mullie from Mullie’s Burrito Blog so eloquently explains “With their tender rice, gently caressing chicken and whispery wrappings, they will always be close to [the] heart.” Whether you just broke up with your boo or you just took a bottle of vodka to your face, burritos will always be there for you.  With my 10 dollar bill I’m definitely heading over to Burrito Boyz on Adelaide and ordering a half and half Chicken Steak Burrito loaded up with cheese, beans, rice, jalapenos, lettuce, sour cream, and hot salsa.  All that godly goodness rings in at a whopping $8.63.  Totally worth the price, trust me.


2) Toronto has something most cities don’t, an Island.  The Toronto Island is open year round and although people live on it, there is still a lot to do.  In the summer time you can go for a run or spend the day at Center Island.  I would take the ferry over to the Island and take a bunch of pictures of the Toronto skyline, throw some heavy filters on them, come up with an inspirational quote, and post it to Instagram (Don’t lie, you would do the same).  Your ticket to the Island only costs $7.25 and that includes the return trip.


3) As a kid if you never had or attended a birthday party at Laser Quest you are definitely missing out.  For $8.50 you can enter a 20 minute heart-pumping game of hide ad seek mixed with tag.  Something about shooting a laser gun brings out the kid in me and I wouldn’t even hesitate to take my 10 dollar bill there and hope I get to hop in a game where I get to absolutely ruin little Timmy’s 11th birthday party.


4) Guys and Gals we live in Canada so if you’ve wondered where the hockey reference has been… here it is.  Lace up the skates grab your stick and head over to Canlan Ice Sports where 10 dollars gets you 2 hours of pickup hockey.  There’s no such thing as wasted time or money when you’re on the ice in my opinion.


5) Keeping with the hockey theme the Hockey Hall of Fame will use up every cent of that 10 dollar bill.  I love checking out the old equipment, testing out my skills in the interactive zone, and of course kissing the Stanley cup.


So there you have it… 10 dollars may not seem like much but in Toronto there is tons to check out, and who knows, maybe you can go get a Timmies coffee with all that extra change you have.  Tweet me @MannaTheHour and let me know if this blog was helpful to you or what YOU would do with 10 dollars.






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