The Worlds Weirdest Animals

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When I was growing up the only time I used the internet was for homework. The internet has become such a big part of our generation, so it will be hard to separate children today from the internet. There are so many things you can do on the internet now such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Periscope, Instagram, Tumbler and Snapchat. And because we are all engaged in these social media outlets we often forget what important things that are happening around us.  Often when I’m surfing the internet I stumble up on weird articles.  Most of them are either about Animals, Beliefs and ancient history. recently I found one about The Worlds Weirdest Animals which is a collection of a few animals from around the worlds who people most likely didn’t know existed. A few of them I have never even heard of or thought existed in at all. Below I’m going to list  and talk about a few of my top three favorite Weirdest Animals.

1)Blobfish: The Blobfish is also known as the Psychrolutes marcidus. This fish is not only weird but ugly. The Blobfish has only been found off the coast of Tasmania and Australia. But it is found in the ocean where the pressure level is higher than regular sea level; this is why they are hardly seen by humans. This fish is lighter than water and this causes it to float above sea level and it eats whatever floats in front of it.

2) Dumbo Octopus: I know it sounds mean to call it the Dumbo Octopus, but it’s not because this weird creature is dumb but it’s because of the fins that look like ears on the top of its head. The ears also resemble  the ears from the Flying elephant from walt-disney. They live in extreme depths and they are also known as the rarest of the Octopoda species.

3) Aye-Aye: Which is also known as the Daubentonia madagascariensis This strange animal is a native to Madagascar. This weird animal looks like a bat mixed with a Rodent with long sharp teeth. The coolest thing about this animal isthta it remind me of the wood pecker. When searching for food this animal taps on trees to find the grubs inside, they also create holes into the trees and put an elongated finger  into the free to full out the grubs. The  Aye-Aye is the only genus in the Daubentoniidae family and they are also endangered.  And the  second species called the Daubentonia Robusta was completely  exterminated within the last few centuries.

These are the top three animals that I found the weirdest. although I do hope that I get to see the  Aye-Aye in real life one day because it would be amazing to get to see an animal that is endangered, so that I am able to say I had the opportunity to see one before they were wiped off the surface of the earth. There are tons of animals who haven’t been discovered yet and every year another new species pops up.

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