Tips And Links To Keep You Motivated In Gym.

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Tips And Links To Keep You Motivated In Gym.

It was a tragedy for me to start going to the gym after a few years of being a couch potato. It was so  terrifying to have an idea in my head that after school and some home work, I still have to go somewhere, where I will be pushing all the energy out of myself .

We always read tips from experts, who have exercised their whole life, but sometimes those aren’t applicable for us, who balance work, school, home work, and so on. Sometimes you don’t have enough motivation to manage it after a tough day…

Here are some tips how to stay motivated and inspired:

  • Wake Up! Never go to the gym sleepy, drink a green tea to wake up or listen to fast tempo music. If it still doesn’t help, choose the busiest time in the gym for your workouts. Crowded gyms will inspire you for a more competitive spirit, and you will automatically be ready to do more than you even planned.
  • Remember What Your Goal Is. Might sound unorthodox, but look at fitness accounts on Instagram or other social media. Seeing other people who reach their goals, will inspire you. Imagine you have that dream body, and go for it!
  • Tell People About Your Goals. People are very social and it matters to us what our friends and family think. Choose people whose opinions are very important to you, and tell them you are doing workouts and a diet. Inform them of your expecting results in a few months. It will stimulate you a looooooot! Because we never want to look bad in the eyes of our society. (Note: Always be happy with your own progress, before putting others first. It’s just healthy to have a strong group of people to motivate, and support you).
  • Eat regularly And healthy. Eating regularly with small portions, in order to help you decrease chances of eating fast food, or other fat and unhealthy food. Keep a balanced and appropriate diet, without compromising. Also, have a cheat day, indulge yourself once and a while, but don’t go overboard with it.
  • Treat Yourself For The Achievements In the Gym. I love food and I used to treat myself with it after a tough day. However if you want to lose weight and live healthy, treats should start looking different. Maybe saving money for a new lip stick or going out on the weekend is a better choice. Either that, or spoil yourself with a small cheat snack, in order to reward you for your hard work.
  • Wear Fitting Cloths. Fitting clothes will not allow you to eat too much, you will always see how your body really looks like. Also, wear the proper work out attire, and always keep a change of work out clothes on you, it’ll motivate you to go to the gym, instead of giving you the excuse not to go.

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