School Doesn’t Have to Suck

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Being a University or College student, I experience the struggles you face first-hand, and if you’re one of those people who wake up every morning dreading to go to school or do work, you are not alone.  School doesn’t necessarily have to suck.  It’s really all up to you.

For those who want a social life while maintaining good grades in the midst of working part time and also balancing a healthy diet, don’t give up because it’s possible.  Your answer? Being organized and making sacrifices.  If you know right off the bat that giving up something is not for you, then you can stay miserable, but if you think positively and work to your full potential, you’ll feel content in the end.

Step 1:  Buy a Calendar/Agenda: No, typing things down on your phone or remembering your responsibilities at the top of your head IS NOT good enough.  There is something about having a visual reminder where you have to physically write your goals and reminders down.  By having a calendar in your room, you’re able to constantly remind yourself that you need to do your work by a specific deadline.  Also by having an agenda, you can cross out what you’ve done which will help you focus on your new goals.

Step 2: Limit going out once or twice a week.  I know.  This may suck for some of you but if you want a healthy student life, this is recommended.  Plus it’s only temporary depending on how long you’re in school for.  Going out for drinks or staying out all night can be fun but not when you have a paper due the next day.  By going out once a week, you’re more likely to enjoy that one day since all week, you’ll only be looking forward to it.  Oh and you don’t have to worry about being hungover 3 days in a row.

Step 3: Work Out.  Make time to go to the gym because staying in shape is one of the greatest feelings ever.  45 min-1 hour 3 days a week is good enough as long as you eat clean as well and don’t worry, cheat days are okay.  After every workout, your mind and body will feel refreshed and that’s what you need in order to do well in your assignments.  Feel great both mentally and physically and find a workout that’s for you whether it’s playing a sport or going to a gym.

Step 4: Start your assignments right after they’re given out.  Don’t wait till last minute to do a paper you were given two weeks to finish.  If you start brainstorming in advance, the better your work will most likely turn out.

Step 5: Meditate: Apart from getting ENOUGH sleep, take an extra 15 minutes to an hour to just sit there and meditate.  Breathe and put your mind at ease, have a cup of tea, write down your achievements, or even have your favorite snack.  Consider this to be your YOU TIME.  You need this to stay sane and keep in touch with yourself so you don’t constantly stress over school.

Step 6: Stay in touch with family and friends.  When work is piling up you tend to isolate yourself completely from everyone.  Don’t.  If you need help in anything or if you’re panicking about getting things done, take a breather and ask for help.  Call a family or a friend that may be able to help you.  Even to just talk for a little bit when you take a break will help you stay in touch with reality so you don’t lose your mind.

Even if only SOME of these tips work for you, it will make a huge difference to how you’re currently living your student life.  Lose the stress you don’t need and practice DISCIPLINING yourself.  That’s it.  Discipline.  From here on end, the student life can get easier, but it is up to YOU. Like my mom says, “It takes practice and once you’re able to overcome your weaknesses, you can eventually conquer anything.”

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