Control your Temper with Venom

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“Slow and boring” is what is labeled as Bullet for My Valentine’s previous album “Temper Temper” by their own drummer Michael “Moose” Thomas. He had admitted this in August, just a couple of weeks after their most recent album release “Venom” and had stated that the band simply got lazy and really wanted to go back and enjoy playing music again. That is exactly what they did. It is described by frontman Matt Tuck as “dark and powerful.”


Released to the world on August 14th “Venom” was the album that injected a whole new life into the British metal heroes. Coming back from their downfall of an album “Temper Temper,” which was given critical reception from critics and fans, the band thought positive and decided to kick it up a notch and start getting their act together. For “Venom,” the band decided to go back to their roots and create the songs they used to create, which were not slow and boring at all but in fact were thrash, in your face, metal core sound with a mix of clean and screaming vocals and let me tell you, the fans and critics loved it. The album has received mostly positive reviews from the critics stating that “Venom has created rebirth for the British metal band.”

When it comes to fans, well, I am a fan and I definitely say that “Venom” is a huge step up from “Temper Temper.” The song structures and the album sound as a whole brings a huge smile to my face whenever I hear songs from it. They really remind me of the sound they used to have when they created “Scream Aim Fire” and that album sounded unreal and really showed that Bullet for My Valentine were really evolving into a revolutionary British metal band. It is actually pretty cool because I find myself listening to “Venom” a lot more than I should but I actually do not mind it. Their catchy chorus’ that I always find myself singing along too and tight sounding riffs really pull me in and keep me addicted to the album. In my opinion, “Army of Noise” is a song on that album that really reminds me of old school thrash – like old school Metallica and Megadeth but also reminds me of old Bullet for My Valentine as well, which is absolute ear candy to me. I truly believe that every member in this band did an amazing job on this album and really redeemed themselves in the heavy metal music industry. Matt Tuck does an amazing job on creating crunchy guitar riffs, catchy and badass vocals along with Michael Paget creating lightning fast shredding solos with really cool leads and harmonies to Matt Tuck’s riffs and Michael “Moose” Thomas just creating absolute beast drum parts to add to the creation of the wall of sound that is “Venom.”

Listening to this album makes me really happy to know that one of my favorite bands can create an album that is pretty garbage but can easily come back and redeem themselves with an album that is an absolute metal masterpiece. If you are a fan of metal music then I recommend you check out this album if you have not already or if you are interested in listening to it now that you have read this, then by all means, please do yourself a favor and go for it. One thing is for sure, I can not wait for the material that will be written in the upcoming future by this band after this huge comeback of an album that is “Venom.”

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